Black Panthers Busing Thousands To Florida

Black Panthers Busing Thousands To Florida

QStarNews claims that eyewitnesses are reporting that the New Black Panther party is busing in mobs of people to riot if George Zimmerman is found not guilty of 2nd degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Reports have come in from eye witnesses in Sanford, Florida that the New Black Panther Party, an extremist group that has called for the killing of George Zimmerman if he is found not guilty, is busing in thousands to that town. Sanford is the location of the trial and near the place where the shooting of Trayvon Martin by Zimmerman occurred. There have been threats of riots if Zimmerman is not found guilty and it is believed that the New Black Panther Party and other extremist groups will attempt to take advantage of racial tensions after a non guilty verdict by organizing riots.

Racial tensions are thick across the country over this case, with claims like the one above, public threats against "random white kids," by Trayvon Martin supporters, if Zimmerman is found not guilty, new documents showing the DOJ had a behind-the-scene role in organizing the original 2012 protests against Zimmerman and theories that Obama is planning for a race war if a not guilty verdict is rendered.

Authorities are taking preemptive action in preparation for potential rioting in Florida and released a statement and video to attempt to calm the racial tensions before the verdict, which is expected either this week or next.

Back in 2012, the New Black Panther Party had issued a wanted dead or alive poster (Shown below) on Zimmerman, and offered a bounty for Zimmerman. If these reports are true, the situation just got exponentially worse and more dangerous.



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  • commented 2013-07-14 05:43:41 -0400
    The fuckin racist Negras will NOT get off their lazy butts, go find a job and contribute to comon good of the entire society. Nah…they gotta sit around pissing and moaning about how bad their life is and how its all Whitey’s fault!!! FUCK you mindless, cowardly Black Panther party fools!!! Dr. King would stick his foot up your lazy racist butts. Grow up children!!!
  • commented 2013-07-12 14:38:12 -0400
    Absolute, unsubstantiated fear-mongering BS. And you liars and thieves know it very well.